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博彩对刷什么意思,每日新闻播报(July 17)
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博彩对刷什么意思,每日新闻播报(July 17)

博彩对刷什么意思,computer pioneer and codebreaker alan turing will feature on the new design of the bank of england's £50 note.

>face of uk's new £50 note 'ai之父'登上50英镑新钞

bank of england (boe) announced on monday that british mathematician alan turing will appear on the new 50-pound banknote. boe noted that the new 50-pound note will celebrate turing and his pioneering work with computers. 英格兰银行15日宣布,为纪念英国数学家艾伦•图灵在计算机领域所作出的开创性贡献,将在新版50英镑纸币上使用他的肖像。

turing provided the theoretical underpinnings for the modern computer and is also known for his work devising code-breaking machines during wwii. 图灵为现代计算机奠定了理论基础,他发明的解码机在二战中发挥了至关重要的作用。

"as the father of computer science and artificial intelligence (ai), as well as war hero, alan turing's contributions were far ranging and path breaking. 英格兰银行行长马克•卡尼表示:"作为计算机科学和人工智能之父,以及战争英雄,艾伦•图灵的贡献是深远且具有开创性的。

turing is a giant on whose shoulders so many now stand," said boe governor mark carney. the new 50-pound note was expected to enter circulation by the end of 2021. 图灵是一个巨人,现在很多人都站在他的肩膀上。"新版50英镑纸币预计将于2021年年底前开始流通。


>seniors become couriers 日本'银发族'徒步送外卖

as uber looks to expand its food courier service in japan, a country with a tight labor market, the rideshare giant has faced road blocks rarely seen on the home soil of the us. but putting grandma and grandpa in running shoes seems to make sense. 优步正寻求在劳动力紧缺的日本扩张其食品快递服务,这家拼车巨头面临着在美国本土罕见的障碍,但是让老年人穿上跑鞋送餐似乎行得通。

uber chief executive dara khosrowshahi said his company's food delivery in japan, where rideshare is banned, has taken an alternative route to delivering food. 优步首席执行官达拉•科斯罗萨西称,在禁止拼车的日本,优步公司的送餐服务采用了另一种递送方式。

with a growing demand for food delivery, more of the elderly population has applied to become couriers. 随着送餐需求的增长,越来越多的老年人加入快递员大军。

in japan, the majority of current food deliverers bring the product via scooter or bicycle, but the elderly prefer to do it by foot. 在日本,目前大多数送餐员都是骑摩托车或自行车送餐,但老年送餐员更喜欢步行送餐。

"this is one area unique to japan, and we are looking if we can expand to the rest of the world," said khosrowshahi. 科斯罗萨西说:"这是日本独有的特点,我们正考虑是否能将老年人送餐服务扩展到世界其他地区。"

file photo: st andrews university. [photo/ic]

>applications to uk univs soar 赴英留学人数增长迅速

the number of students from china applying to british universities has outstripped those from northern ireland for the first time. 中国学生申请英国大学的人数首次超过了北爱尔兰学生。

the universities and colleges admissions service (ucas) revealed on thursday it had received almost 20,000 undergraduate applications from students in china this year (19,760, up from 15,240 in 2018), compared with 18,520 from northern ireland. 英国高等院校招生办公室11日公布,今年已收到近2万份来自中国学生的本科入学申请(从2018年的15240份增加到19760份),而来自北爱尔兰的申请为18520份。

the real figure will be higher as not all chinese applications are made via ucas. 来自中国的申请量实际上更高,因为并非所有的中国学生都是通过该机构申请入学的。

the number of students from the chinese mainland studying in uk higher education has more than doubled in the last decade. 在过去10年里,在英国接受高等教育的中国大陆学生人数增加了一倍多。

china is already the biggest source of international students at british universities. in 2007-2008, there were 43,530 chinese students in the uk, according to the higher education statistics agency. 中国已经是英国大学最大的留学生来源国。根据英国高等教育统计局的数据,2007-2008年,英国共有43530名中国学生。

ten years later the total went up to 106,530, of which 60,460 were postgraduate students and 46,070 undergraduates. 十年后,这一数字增加到106530人,其中研究生60460人,本科生46070人。

a seal is seen on garuda indonesia's boeing 737 max 8 airplane parked at the garuda maintenance facility aeroasia, at soekarno-hatta international airport near jakarta, indonesia, march 13, 2019. [photo/agencies]

>737max grounding continues 737max年底前复飞无望

grounded boeing 737 max planes won't return to service until sometime in 2020 as it will take time to fix flight-control software and complete other work, government and industry officials have said. 政府和业内官员称,由于遭停飞的波音737 max机型仍需时间维修飞行控制软件及完成其他工作,该机型在2020年前复飞无望。

the aircraft is currently expected to return to the air in january 2020, according to some us federal aviation administration officials and industry leaders. 美国联邦航空管理局部分官员及业内领头人称,从目前的情况看,该机型预计要到2020年1月才能复飞。

american airlines have already extended its ban on boeing 737 max flights through nov 2, the company said sunday in a statement, right after united airlines announced its decision to keep boeing 737 max flights out of schedule until nov 3. 14日,美国航空公司在一份声明中称,已将波音737 max机型的停飞时间延至11月2日。此前,美联航宣布将波音737 max机型的停飞时间延至11月3日。

the boeing 737 max has been grounded across the world since march this year after two of its models crashed in two separate deadly disasters in indonesia and ethiopia last october and this march, with a total of 346 killed. 去年10月和今年3月,印度尼西亚和埃塞俄比亚各发生一起波音737 max坠机事件,共导致346人遇难。自今年3月以来,该机型在全球被停飞。

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